Sunday, August 22, 2010

2. Metrobot (R.I.P.)

NOTE: From time to time I will come across a stop on the tour that no longer exists. These stops will be noted with a, “R.I.P.”

There was a time in this great city when large robots roamed the streets. Okay, it was only one robot and it didn’t necessarily roam more than it kind of loitered on the corner of 5th and Walnut. The robot I speak of is Metrobot who at one time would great visitors to the Contemporary Arts Center which at the time was located on 5th Street. This 26 foot tall robot had many components – an extended left arm which would tell you about the happenings at the CAC, a wrist watch on its right hand and video which would interact with passers by. Metrobot was created by renowned sculptor Nam June Paik to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CAC and the 200th anniversary of the city.

Last Summer, Metrobot was reported missing. It appears that the lease was up and Metrobot was disassembled and placed into storage. I for one will miss Metrobot’s friendly face an will look forward to his return to the streets of Cincinnati.


Ryan said...

OK... but why remove the photo? I would still like to see it.

Love the site !

grif said...

Thanks for reading. I really wish I had a photo of Metrobot to post but if you click on the highlighted link in the post, it will take you to some pics.