Monday, September 20, 2010

24. The former Gidding Store

This building which was built in 1883 once was the home of the J.M. Gidding & Co. which was an exclusive clothing retailer. In 1962, Gidding merged with their next door neighbor Jenny Co. making the company Gidding-Jenny. In 1995, Gidding-Jenny closed its doors.

What is unique about the former Gidding building is the very ornate Rookwood Tile which surrounds the entrance. The tile has fruit, flower, and faces on the designs and is very colorful and you really need to see it up close and in person to really appreciate the detail. The tile d├ęcor started to deteriorate but fortunately was saved when a major restoration effort was performed in 2003. The building is now part of the TJ Maxx downtown.

The former Gidding Store
10-12 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati

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