Wednesday, October 6, 2010

47. 124 Garrard Street

In 1847, this Greek Revival home was built by Thomas Kennedy for his daughter Nancy. Thomas Kennedy is known for selling the 150 acres of land that would become the city of Covington. This house is best known as the Kennedy-Southgate House.

 Update: Since the original post I received an email from one of the family members with corrections and additional information on the home:
[The post] states that the house was built in 1847 by Thomas Kennedy her [Nancy Kennedy's] father. This is simply not possible her father was his son, Samuel Kennedy.  Thomas Kennedy was her grandfather, and he died August 1, 1821 and is buried there in Covington. Our records have that the house was built in 1848 right next door to her grandfather’s house, "The Old Stone House," as it was known. Thomas Kennedy could not have built her house. I have checked all of my records and can't find any of our Thomas Kennedy’s that could have built it. Believe me there are numerous Thomas D. Kennedy’s but those that I have either died before the house was built or simply didn't build houses or had moved away to other States or locations. 
Thanks for the information Lesa and thanks for reading!

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