Wednesday, November 3, 2010

72. Cincinnati Playhouse In The Park

Today’s Playhouse in the Park began in 1959 using a park shelter house which was located where their building stands today. The new theatre, The Robert S. Marx Theatre was built in 1968 and named after a well known Cincinnati philanthropist.

Over the years, the playhouse has seen many famous actors come through its doors as well as made many actors famous. The playhouse has received numerous local and national awards for its performances. The playhouse has productions 10 months out of the year with some running as long as 4 weeks and even some of them premiering at the playhouse before going to larger venues off and on Broadway. The theatre is a very nice and comfortable spot to enjoy a play and definitely a, “must do” in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
962 Mt. Adams Circle, Mt. Adams

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