Tuesday, November 30, 2010

83. The Gramercy and The Greenwich

Piatt Park is the city’s oldest park. In 1817, John and Benjamin Piatt gave this land to the city for use as a marketplace. Because there were numerous marketplaces around the city at the time, the city used the land as a park. In 1868, the city dedicated this area as Eighth Street Park and a year after the death of President James A. Garfield in 1882, the city renamed the park Garfield Park. In 1940, the city renamed the park Piatt Park in honor of the men who gave the land to the city. The park itself is Piatt Park while the surrounding area is commonly known as Garfield Place.

Facing Piatt Park on opposite sides of the street and on the corner of Elm Street are two apartment complexes – The Gramercy on the South end and The Greenwich on the North end. Both of these apartments were developed by Towne Properties with The Gramercy being built in 1992 and The Greenwich built in 1996. At the time, these were built as a city sponsored effort to add residential units downtown. Since that time, many buildings have been converted to apartments, lofts, and condos.

The Gramercy and The Greenwich
Garfield Place, Downtown

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