Thursday, December 9, 2010

84. Crosley Square

What was once an Elks Lodge turned into Crosley Square in 1942. At one time, WLW radio was located in the building where Crosley radios were made. When World War II started, the Crosley radio manufacturing facility became highly classified due to the fact that Crosley was making detonators for the military. The Crosley executives purchased the old Elks Lodge on Ninth and Elm and made it the broadcasting center for the Midwest. With the invention of television, Crosley Square became home to WLWT TV in 1948. Over the years many television and radio shows were done out of this building and many celebrities and important figures went in and out the doors of this building. Many Cincinnati favorites like Ruth Lyons, Paul Dixon, and Bob Braun did their shows from this building and some of the first color television shows were televised from here as well.

The last broadcasts came from Crosley Square in 1999 when WLWT TV moved to their new location Mount Auburn. Since the time of television and radio, the building was purchased by Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy and turned into the Otto Armleder Memorial Education Center – a grade school for inner-city students.

Crosley Square
140 West Ninth Street, Downtown

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