Friday, December 10, 2010

85. Central Parkway

The history of Central Parkway goes back before the time that it was a major paved thoroughfare. In the late 1700’s, Central Parkway was used as a military trail for St. Clair and Wayne and from 1828 to 1920, Central Parkway was part of the Miami & Erie Canal system which stretched from Lake Erie near Toledo down to the Ohio River in Cincinnati. With the end of the canal system the city planned on building a subway system and using the canal route for the subway tunnels. The city received funding for the subway in 1916 but with the start of World War I, construction did not start until 1920. Because of the war and rising inflation, funds ran out and construction stopped in 1927. Today the subway tunnel still exists under Central Parkway.

Central Parkway was dedicated in 1928 as a wide lane street with a wide island in the middle of the street with trees, benches, walkways, and lighting. Over the years with increased automobile traffic, Central Parkway has been widened. In the 1990’s the center islands were restored to what they used to be. Central Parkway serves in a way as a line between the central business district and Over The Rhine.

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