Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Up to this point if you have spent any time following the tour or if you have simply been driving around town you probably have seen some great murals on the sides of buildings, perhaps a painted pig or two, or even a nicely painted piano sitting in a park waiting to be played. All of these things can be credited to ArtWorks, a non-profit organization in Cincinnati that was founded in 1996. It connects students and artists together to create some amazing works of art. A lot of the street art you see in and around Cincinnati is from up and coming artists learning from professionals.

In the early 2000’s ArtWorks hosted the Big Pig Gig where more than 400 fiberglass pigs were painted with some very unique themes and scattered around town. A lot of the pigs were auctioned off with the proceeds benefiting ArtWorks and many of the pigs can still be seen in various places around town.

One of ArtWorks recent projects is MuralWorks. MuralWorks started in 2007 and many murals have been painted on buildings throughout the city. Because of this project, the city is more colorful, lively, and is in a sense, a living art exhibit.

Over the past Summer, ArtWorks teamed up with artist Luke Jerram for the, Play Me I’m Yours project. It is a project where local students paint donated pianos and they are placed around town for everyone to play and enjoy.

The latest project from ArtWorks is the Queen City ArtRacks program which creates decorative bike racks for use across town.

ArtWorks always has a lot going on. Aside from these projects ArtWorks partners with organizations like the Cincinnati Art Museum to create exhibits and they also host their annual fundraiser, Secret ArtWorks which brings together donated art work from famous and up and coming artists. The paintings are sold to interested buyers and the artists are revealed after the sale. It’s a great way to contribute to ArtWorks while at the same time picking up some nice works of art.

ArtWorks also has a gallery located at 20 E. Central Parkway which is definitely worth checking out.

20 East Central Parkway (with art all around town)

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