Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Art Academy of Cincinnati

The Art Academy of Cincinnati was founded in 1869 as the McMicken School of Design and is part of the University of Cincinnati. By 1884, the Art Academy separated itself from the University and came part of the Cincinnati Art Museum. In 1887 their building is dedicated in Eden Park and their name changed to the Art Academy of Cincinnati. In 1973, the Academy began its separation from the Art Museum to become an independent school. By this time, the school had created a four year curriculum and by 1979 started offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and the school moved to Mt. Adams. Over time, the school expanded more and more and started a Masters degree program. By 2005, the school received all of the necessary funding and their new home in Over The Rhine was completed and the new school year started.

Today, the Art Academy of Cincinnati is an independent college of art and design and is a leading school for arts in the country.

Art Academy of Cincinnati
1212 Jackson Street, Over The Rhine

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