Thursday, January 13, 2011

Emery Theatre

Designed by Samuel Hannaford & Sons and built in 1911, the Emery Theatre which is also known as the Emery Auditorium was home to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra from 1912 through 1936 and the Ohio Mechanic’s Institute/College of Applied Science until 1989 when the school moved to the University of Cincinnati Campus in 1989. The 1,600 seat theatre was known for its great acoustics and has been compared to Carnegie Hall in New York. Many famous conductors have performed in this theatre like John Philip Sousa and George Gershwin who performed Rhapsody In Blue with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra shortly after its premeire in New York.

In 1977, the “Mighty Wurlitzer”, a 2,000 pipe organ was moved from the Albee Theatre to the Emery. In 1999, the organ was dismantled for repairs and the same year, the Emery Theatre was closed for renovations.

In 2001, the area which once was the Ohio Mechanic’s Institute/College of Applied Science was turned into 59 units of apartments and retail space opened at the street level. With a need for a mid-sized theatre downtown, the Emery Theatre is undergoing renovations and is expected to reopen in 2011. It is expected to be used by the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra and the Cincinnati Men's Chorus.

Emery Theatre
100 East Central Parkway, Over The Rhine

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