Saturday, January 15, 2011

Main Street

The area of Main Street between Central Parkway and Liberty Street is lined with brightly colored Italianate buildings and over the years the make-up of this area may change from time to time, but no matter what, there is always something to so or do.

Through the 1980’s Main Street had a collection of artists taking residence. It was an area where artists could practice their craft because of the low rent. In the 1990’s, Main Street was an entertainment district filled with bars and restaurants. There were plenty of bars to pass in and out of. Some of the bars changed names and ownership over time but the atmosphere remained the same. In the late 1990’s this area of Main Street was known as, “Digital Rhine” due to the number of dot-com businesses that started in the area. But with the dot-com boom came the dot-com bust by 2001. Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the riots in 2001, many people stopped going to the bars on Main Street and ultimately many of these places closed down. Main Street started on a decline at this time and had seen its better days.

With the revitalization of Over The Rhine came a new lease on life for Main Street. Not only is Main Street coming back as an entertainment district with bars but you will also find many restaurants, shops, and art galleries. With the Final Friday gallery walk which happens on the last Friday of the month, Main Street and the surrounding areas are becoming to be known more for an art district than an entertainment district.

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