Thursday, February 17, 2011

88. Washington Park

Across the street from the Hamilton County Memorial Hall and Music Hall is Washington Park. The area which is now the park was acquired by the city in 1855. Prior to it being a park, there were three cemeteries here. At the time the city was concerned about health problems that may arise from the cemeteries being there and the city had the remains relocated to Spring Grove Cemetery. In 1888, the park was the site of the Centennial Exposition of the Ohio Valley and the park was also used for many German-American festivals.

There are many unique features in the park such as a bandstand that was built in 1911 and is one of the oldest structures in the Cincinnati Park system as well as cannons from the Civil War and busts of military commanders.

At the time of this writing, Washington Park is closed to the public and undergoing a massive renovation. Once the renovation is complete, the park will be extended for the entire block between Twelfth Street and Fourteenth Street and between Elm Street and Race Street. The surface level parking will be removed and replaced by an underground parking garage giving more green space for the park. Some of its other features will be a playground, an interactive water feature, an area for performances and events, and a dog park. The renovation is expected to be completed by 2012.

Washington Park
Between Twelfth & Fourteenth and Elm & Race, Over The Rhine

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