Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This mural was part of the Urban Walls: Cincinnati project that was organized by Carl Solway and Jack Boulton. It was a non-profit community involvement project that was created to cover up the sides of buildings that were exposed as a result of urban renewal. Urban Walls started in 1971 and 10 local artists participated in the event. Its intention was to brighten up a declining urban core.

Located on the side of the Willis Music Building, Allegro is one of just a few remaining murals from the Urban Walls campaign. Allegro was designed by artist Barron Krody and was the winning design featured on posters to promote the campaign.

Corner of West Seventh Street and Baldwin Alley, Downtown

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VisuaLingual said...

You can go up to the Cincinnati Room at the library downtown to see the large-format print portfolio that was created in conjunction with the mural project. I'm not sure if all the prints were also murals, or if the prints can be understood as sketches for the murals or what, but it's a really cool bit of local history.