Monday, April 18, 2011

The Hanke Building

The Hanke Building was constructed in 1876 to serve as the Hanke Department Store founded by Herman Adolph Hanke, who had operated his department stores since 1876. This Renaissance Revival building was designed by local architect Louis Piket and features a Beaux-Arts fa├žade as well as a 3-story atrium. As a result of the Great Depression, the department store closed in 1933.

The great story behind this building is not only the history, but what can be accomplished when a group is dedicated to architectural preservation. In 1995, the Hanke Building was slated for emergency demolition and 3-days before the destruction of the building, the Stough Development Corporation stepped in and saved the building. The building was completely updated and renovated and today serves as retail and offices. The building is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Hanke Building
1128 Main Street, Over The Rhine


Anonymous said...

This building is beautiful. It's a great showpiece for Over-The-Rhine. Thanks to Stough Development Corporation for saving it and bringing it back to life.

Anonymous said...

here it is in its 1920s heyday

Unknown said...

Hanke Bros Co (The) Wm Guckenberger pres August Nuernberger v pres and
gen mgr H J Guckenberger secy and treas dry goods 1130 Main

Herman J. Guckenberger did this before he became a lawyer, William his brother, who build the huge white house at 3660 Kroger.

Anonymous said...

recently came across booklet from General electric as well as a few advertisements< Philco Lowboy and Laundry Maid ($79.75) from Hankes on 12th and Main!
Is it possible your museum would like them?
Contact me, I would be happy to send them to you!!