Monday, April 25, 2011

Vhils Mural

The latest addition of street art comes from urban contemporary artist, Alexandre Farto, who goes by the name Vhils. The Portuguese-born, London based artist is currently doing a residency at BLDG, a gallery in Covington, Kentucky. Vhils uses a variety of methods for his work from walls, metals, billboards, paper, and wood.

This mural is located on the side of Mainstay Rock Bar and is commissioned in conjunction with the Contemporary Art Center’s Keith Haring exhibit. Vhils used chisels and drills on the west side of the building to carve into the plaster exposing the brick underneath to create this image. Vhils work is inspired from photos taken of local people and this work is the image of Tim Dwight, president of Motch Jewelers in Covington.

Vhils Mural
301 West Fifth Street, Downtown

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