Thursday, May 5, 2011

Anderson Ferry

Anderson Ferry has been in operation since 1817 and is the last operational ferry in Cincinnati. It was originally called the Kottmyer Ferry until it was sold to the Anderson family. The ferry is located 8 miles outside of downtown Cincinnati off of Route 50 on Anderson Ferry Road and connects the West side of Cincinnati to Route 8 in Northern Kentucky across the Ohio River. The ferry landing in Northern Kentucky is 3 miles north of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

There are three ferries in the fleet – Boone 7 which was built in 1937, Little Boone, and Deborah A. During the day you will see one boat in operation but during peak hours, two boats will run. Walking, biking, or driving, the ferry will take you across the river and while on the boat you can get out of your car and take in the sights.

Anderson Ferry
Anderson Ferry Road at Route 50, Riverside

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