Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Mr. Tarbell Tips His Hat"

Jim Tarbell has done many things through out his career. As a restaurateur, he was once the owner of Arnold’s Bar and Grill and Grammer’s. He was also the owner of the famous Ludlow Garage. Jim Tarbell also served as a member of City Council and as Vice Mayor of Cincinnati. He has been a community activist and volunteer and is a resident of Over The Rhine. By mayoral proclamation, Tarbell has been given the title, “Mr. Cincinnati” for life.

As part of the Mural Works program by ArtWorks, a mural of Jim Tarbell was placed near the Gateway Quarter in his honor. The mural titled, "Mr. Tarbell Tips His Hat" is a painting of Jim Tarbell paying tribute to “Peanut Jim” Shelton, a Cincinnati fixture who sold peanuts on the street, at Crosley Field, and at Riverfront Stadium. Peanut Jim always wore a stovepipe hat and tails. Shelton sold peanuts well into his 90’s and was well known around Cincinnati.

"Mr. Tarbell Tips His Hat"
Corner of Central Parkway and Vine Street, Over The Rhine

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