Monday, May 23, 2011

Old Woodward High School

Woodward High School was founded as the Woodward Free Grammar School in 1831 and was name for William Woodward who donated the land to build a school in order to educate children who could not afford private schooling. The site of the school is historic in the sense that the land is linked to the Underground Railroad and the man considered the president of the Underground Railroad once had a home here. Several schools were built on the land prior to the one that stands today. In 1907, construction started with President William Howard Taft, an 1874 graduate of Woodward laying the cornerstone. The school opened in 1910.

The school is a 5-story brick building designed by Gustav Brach and at the time it was built it was considered a very modern building with flushing toilets, central heating, and even Rookwood Pottery drinking fountains.

Woodward High School moved to Bond Hill in 1953 and the old school became the Abigail Cutter Junior High School named after William Woodward’s wife. In 1976, the School for Creative and Performing Arts occupied one floor of the building and by 1977 it occupied the entire building. The school was in the national spotlight in 2009 with the MTV show, Taking The Stage that was filmed at the location. In 2010, the SCPA moved to the new Erich Kunzel Center for the Arts.

Old Woodward School
1310 Sycamore Avenue, Pendleton


Anonymous said...

Woodward school was never a grammar school. Its original charter was for a grammar school, however before it was built and opened in 1831, it was changed to a high school.

Anonymous said...

The cornerstone of "Old Woodward" was laid on November 4,1908; not in 1907. Wm. H. Taft gave the key address the day after being elected President.