Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alms Park

Frederick H. Alms Memorial Park was created in 1916 as a gift from his wife Eleanora. Alms was part owner of the Alms & Doepke Department Store and owner of the Hotel Alms. The park is situated on Mt. Tusculum, which at one time was inhabited by Native Americans who called it Bald Hill due to the fact that the area was cleared so they could keep watch over the Columbia settlers in the valley below. The land was also once owned by Nicholas Longworth and was used as a vineyard. One of the entrances to the vineyard tunnels can still be seen today.

The 94-acre park has amazing views of Lunken Airport to the East and the Ohio River to the South. There is an Italian Renaissance Pavilion that was designed by Stanley Matthews and Charles Wilkins Short Jr. as well as a seated statue of Stephen Foster, the songwriter famous for Oh! Susanna, Camptown Races, and My Old Kentucky Home. The park has many hiking trails, picnic areas, overlooks, and a playground as well.

Alms Park
710 Tusculum Avenue, Columbia-Tusculum


Ault Park Sunrise said...

Alms Park is awesome. It's the yin to Ault Park's yang. Ault Park showcases flowers, Alms Park showcases huge trees. Ault Park is open, Alms Park is shaded. Ault Park is designed, symmetrical; Alms Park is organic and feels less planned. Ault Park is easy to get to, Alms Park is high atop a steep entrance. Ault Park has a great view of the sunrise, Alms Park has a great view of the sunset. Although Alms Park also has a great view of the sunrise, too. Both were vineyards, and both are from the 1910s. Between the two I feel like they've got most of the bases covered.

Also thanks for the link on the sidebar!

Do you know when Alms took over the land? I knew it was a vineyard but I kind of assumed it was Alms himself, not Longworth, that had the vineyard. I'm still piecing together just how much vineyard Longworth owned before prohibition ripped up the vineyard culture.

grif said...

Ault and Alms Park are two of my favorites. I never really thought about it but you're right - the two are unique but have similarities.

I have been learning the history as I go and I know that Longworth had a vineyard on the land that is now Alms Park where he grew grapes for his Catawba wine. I'm not sure if Alms' wife bought the land from Longworth or if it changed hands prior to her purchasing and donating the land to the park board. Nevertheless, Cincinnati has a great park system.

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