Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cincinnati Gardens

Cincinnati Gardens opened in 1949 and at the time it was built, it was the seventh largest arena in the United States. The Gardens was modeled after Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto and seats 11,000 fans. Over its existence, the Garden has seen major sporting events from hockey, boxing, basketball, wrestling, concerts, and political rallies. The Gardens hosted performers like Elvis and The Beatles and in 1960, the Gardens saw its largest attendance with a Nixon campaign rally of 19,000 people. The Cincinnati Gardens was home to the first hockey team in Cincinnati – The Mohawks as well as the original home to the Cyclones and Mighty Ducks. It was also home to the Cincinnati Royals, Cincinnati’s only NBA team. The Gardens saw boxing matches with hometown legend Ezzard Charles as well.

Located in the Gardens is the Legends Museum with memorabilia from past events at the Gardens as well as the Cincinnati Hockey Hall of Fame. Also located on the grounds is the Cincinnati Gardens Skating Center, which is home to several high school hockey teams as well as Xavier University’s hockey team.

The Gardens is alive and well with sporting events and is today home to the Cincinnati Commandos indoor football team, the Cincinnati Kings indoor soccer team, and the Cincinnati Rollergirls.

Cincinnati Gardens
2250 Seymour Avenue, Bond Hill

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