Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hyde Park School

The Hyde Park Public School was built in 1901 and designed by architects Edward H. Dornette and Gordon Sheppard. It is a 3-story Romanesque Revival with twin turrets, high gables, and a red tile roof with some very detailed designs around the entryway. A 2-story, Colonial Revival style gymnasium designed by Tietig & Lee was added in 1927.

For many years the building was used as an elementary school but closed in 2005. Since that time it has been used as a temporary location for other schools that were being renovated. As of today, there are efforts underway to re-open the school for use as an elementary school for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Hyde Park School
3401 Edwards Road, Hyde Park

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Richard Boles said...

Thanks for sharing this wonder and giving us an overview, Grif. I think this school is another landmark that identifies the Hyde Park community. And I must say that the architecture is great! Anyway, I heard a news stating that it finally reopened somewhere in 2012 due to continued support of the neighborhood.

Richard Boles