Saturday, July 16, 2011

Presbyterian-Fulton Cemetery

Presbyterian-Fulton Cemetery is made up of three cemeteries – the Presbyterian Cemetery, Fulton Cemetery, and Fulton Mechanick's Cemetery. The cemetery dates back to 1795 and at least six Revolutionary War soldiers and many pioneers of the area are buried here. The cemetery is possibly the burial place of Revolutionary War soldier Sergeant William Brown, who was awarded the first Purple Heart from General George Washington.

The town of Fulton was the area between Columbia Parkway and the Ohio River and is now part of East End. In the 1900’s, Fulton was a large steamboat-building town.

For years this cemetery was neglected and overgrown with weeds and brush. The only access to the cemetery was by crossing the railroad tracks that run through the area. With the work of the Fulton Pioneer Cemetery Committee the cemetery has been cleaned up and some of the destroyed grave markers have been replaced with new ones. With the recent addition of the Ohio River Trail, there is now easy access to the cemetery.

The Presbyterian-Fulton Cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Presbyterian-Fulton Cemetery
Dumont and Carrel Street, Columbia-Tusculum

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