Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cincinnati Historical Society

The Cincinnati Historical Society dates back to the founding of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio in 1831. This organization moved to Cincinnati from Columbus in 1848. Eventually, the focus was primarily on Cincinnati and its history and in 1963, the organization changed its name to the Cincinnati Historical Society.

The society has had many homes throughout its existence: the Cincinnati College Building, a building on West Eighth Street, and the University of Cincinnati Library. In 1964, the Cincinnati Historical Society moved into the newly built Adams-Emery wing of the Cincinnati Art Museum (shown above). In 1991 the Cincinnati Historical Society moved to the Museum Center at Union Terminal.

The purpose of this historical society is collecting and preserving historic materials from Cincinnati, Ohio, and the old Northwest Territory. The Cincinnati Historical Society has an enormous collection of books, manuscripts, and other documents as well as photos, films, videos, and artifacts in their possession. The Cincinnati Historical Society is open to the public.

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