Monday, August 1, 2011

Deer Creek Valley

In the 19th Century, Deer Creek Valley was once home of the meatpacking business and it was here where Cincinnati was given the name, “Porkopolis”. The area, which was once populated with slaughterhouses and factories, is now part of Interstate 71 which cuts through the middle of it.

Visible from Interstate 71 and often believed to be part of the abandoned subway system is the Deer Creek Tunnel. Construction of the Deer Creek Tunnel began in 1881 by the Cincinnati & Dayton Railroad to connect with the Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern Railway. The connection was intended to carry passenger and freight traffic and would have stretched for 9,000 feet under Walnut Hills. By 1855, approximately 3,500 feet of the tunnel was completed and construction ended due to a lack of funds.

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