Monday, August 8, 2011

Fort View Place

At the end of this street once stood 8 cannons that were mounted on parapets. This was to protect Cincinnati against a threat from Confederate forces during the Civil War. The battery that was once at the end of Fort View Place was called the Mt. Adams Battery. It was one of two sites in Mt. Adams that had cannons to defend the city. The other was called the Butcher’s Hill battery and it was located where Playhouse in the Park now stands. Mt. Adams was key in the defense of Cincinnati because of the views of the Ohio River valley and enemy forces could easily be detected from this vantage point. The Civil War ended and an attack never materialized. Not one single shot was fired from these locations.

Today Fort View Place is a quiet residential street and where the cannons once stood is a series of steps that lead down to Hill Street.

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