Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Columbia Parkway

Until the Interstates were built, U.S. Route 50 was a major thoroughfare. U.S. 50 runs from Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento and stretches for 3,000 miles. This route runs through Cincinnati and from downtown to Fairfax, Route 50 is called Columbia Parkway.

Driving down Columbia Parkway you will see beautiful views of the Ohio River, the hills of Northern Kentucky, and the Cincinnati skyline. Columbia Parkway runs through Walnut Hills and historic Columbia-Tusculum. There are many historic markers along the parkway, which point out the rich history of the east side of town such as Fulton and Turkey Bottom. Many of the original Art Deco finishes are still standing like the stairs that were constructed in 1938 by the Works Progress Administration. Even though they were sealed up in 2008, the outline of where the steps once were can still be seen.

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