Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mt. Auburn Methodist Church

Built in 1851, the Gothic Revival style church originally started as a Protestant church that eventually became a Methodist church. The city helped pay for the church bell in order for it to be used in part as the community fire alarm and it served this purpose until 1875. The church basement served as the only school in the community until 1854. In 1893 the original congregation moved to a church on Maplewood Avenue and a German Methodist congregation moved from Vine Street to this church. When a fire destroyed the Maplewood Avenue church in 1957, the two congregations merged. The 3-story addition to the church was built in 1962.

Mt. Auburn Methodist Church
2439 Auburn Avenue, Mt. Auburn

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Mr. Wendt said...

The site of this church was excavated for a new medical building, which is planned to include the rose window from the front of the church.