Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vine Street

Vine Street is the primary north/south artery through the city and is the dividing line between the east and west side of Cincinnati.

Vine Street begins at Second Street to the south and makes its way through downtown passing by many famous Cincinnati landmarks such as Carew Tower, Fountain Square, The Cincinnatian Hotel, the Garfield statue in Piatt Park, and the Public Library.

Vine then crosses over Central Parkway into Over-The-Rhine and passing through the Gateway Quarter (shown above). From there it makes its way uptown. At Calhoun Street, Vine Street splits off and turns into Jefferson Avenue. Vine was split off in the 1970’s to make way for a shopping center and Jefferson actually runs parallel and is a bypass around a section of Vine Street in Corryville called, “Short Vine”. The “Short Vine” section contains shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

Jefferson Avenue and Vine Street meet up at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and from there, Vine Street stretches through some of the outlying neighborhoods of the city and ends in Hartwell where it turns into Route 4/Springfield Pike.

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