Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Children's Hospital

Established in 1883, Children’s Hospital got its start in a rented home in Walnut Hills. The hospital was formed when a group of concerned parishioners got support from their bishop and The Hospital of the Protestant Episcopal Church was started. Several years later in 1887 a new, larger hospital was opened in Mt. Auburn and in 1926 the hospital moved to the location where it stands today. The hospital and its research facilities continued to expand in the 1970’s, 1980’s, and up through today.

A lot of research and discoveries have been made at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital through the years. After World War II, Albert Sabin came to the hospital and researched and developed the oral polio vaccine. Others included the preservation and transportation of whole blood, the study of birth defects, and the first functioning heart-lung machine to name a few.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is ranked one of the best in the United States.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
3333 Burnet Avenue, Avondale

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