Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

The Cincinnati Zoo opened in 1875 and is the second oldest zoo in the country. It started on 65 acres of land and with just a few animals including a circus elephant and a talking crow. Over the years the zoo has acquired more land and today contains more than 500 animals of all species. The are many exhibits at the zoo which focus on different parts of the world with cheetahs, tigers, giraffes, gorillas, polar bears, white lions, as well as the only Sumatran rhinos in the country.

As well as the animal exhibits the zoo is also a botanical garden with over 3,000 plant species. Around the park you will find a variety of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs that are both native to this area and from around the world as well as some endangered plant species.

The Cincinnati Zoo is designated a national historic landmark for its history and the structures in the park. One of the structures is the old aviary building which is now the passenger pigeon memorial in honor of the last known passenger pigeon that passed away here in 1914. The reptile house (shown above) was built in 1875 and is the oldest standing zoo building in the country.

The Cincinnati Zoo is ranked one of the best zoos in the United States.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
3400 Vine Street, Avondale

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