Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Clifton Gaslight District

Incorporated in 1850 the village of Clifton became known for its stately mansions with lush gardens, wooded acres, and parks. Clifton is considered one of the first of Cincinnati suburbs and was annexed in 1896.

The area around Ludlow and Clifton Avenues is called the Clifton Gaslight District because of its use of the original gas lamps that line the streets. Ludlow Avenue is filled with many unique shops and restaurants as well as the Esquire Theatre which shows many independent films.

Many Victorian mansions can be seen along Clifton Avenue and there are many historic homes still standing in the gaslight district such as the Lloyd House, the home of pharmacist Dr. John Uri Lloyd, known for the Lloyd Library. The Lloyd House is a Richardson style home designed by James McLaughlin. In Clifton you will also find the Henry Probasco House, “Oakwood” (shown above) designed by William Tinsley and built in 1860.

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