Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mt. Storm Park

This 57-acre park was once home to the estate of Robert Bowler, a former mayor of Clifton who earned his wealth in the dry goods business. The estate once contained greenhouses, gardens, a waterfall, and a lake. Also on the property is the Temple of Love gazebo designed by Adolph Strauch who is also known for the Imperial Gardens of Vienna and as the designer of Spring Grove Cemetery. Designed in 1850, the gazebo was used as a cover to a reservoir that once provided water to the greenhouses and lake. There is also a cave on the estate that was used by Bowler as a wine cellar and back in the 19th Century, Bowler hosted many celebrities at his estate including the Prince of Wales and Charles Dickens.

The home was torn down in 1917 and all that is left of the estate is the gazebo (shown above) and the wine cellar. In 1935 a shelterhouse, designed by Samuel Hannaford & Sons was built for the park.

The park today provides great views of the Clifton skyline and of Millcreek Valley. There are flower gardens, a playground, and large green spaces. Mt. Storm Park is another jewel in the Cincinnati Park System.

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