Monday, November 14, 2011

Probasco Fountain

Henry Probasco (1820-1902) worked as a wholesale hardware merchant and as a partner in a hardware store owned by his brother-in-law Tyler Davidson. Henry Probasco was a prominent figure in Cincinnati and held many positions throughout his life like manager of the public library, president of Spring Grove Cemetery, member of the Cincinnati Society of Natural History, and Mayor of Clifton. He is probably best known for the Tyler Davidson Fountain, a gift he gave to the city of Cincinnati in honor of his former partner and brother-in-law Tyler Davidson.

The Probasco Fountain was dedicated in 1887. Based on a design by Samuel Hannaford, the fountain is made of bronze with a granite base and has an ornate design of chrysanthemums. It was originally built to be used as a drinking fountain and has several basins. A dipper once hung from the fountain for people, a larger basin for horses, and smaller basins for dogs. The fountain was a gift to the residents of Clifton and inscribed on the fountain is, “Thirsty and ye gave me drink”. The Probasco Fountain is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Probasco Fountain
Clifton Avenue near Woolper Avenue, Clifton

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