Wednesday, December 28, 2011

University of Cincinnati

The history of the University of Cincinnati goes back to 1819 when Cincinnati College and the Medical College of Ohio were founded. In 1870 Charles McMicken donated the land and money to start what was then called McMicken University and later changed to the University of Cincinnati. In 1977 it became a state university.

There are many notable alumni and faculty from the University of Cincinnati like former President and Supreme Court Justice William Howard Taft, architect Michael Graves, developer of the oral polio vaccine Albert Sabin, and sports legends Sandy Koufax and Oscar Robertson.

The University of Cincinnati is considered a top tier university and has many undergraduate and graduate programs as well as the College Conservatory of Music, the Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) program, a law school, college of medicine, nursing, and pharmacy programs to name a few. There are also two satellite schools – UC Clermont and UC Blue Ash, which was once Raymond Walters College.

The main campus in the Clifton area is 137 acres with 63 buildings from notable architects like Michael Graves, Bernhard Tschumi, and Frank Gehry. Among the many buildings on campus are the Crosley Tower (top left) designed by A.M. Kinney Associates, the DAAP building (top right) designed by Peter Eisenman, and the Van Wormer Library (bottom) – the first library on campus.

The school also has an athletic program with the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, which competes in many different sports and is known best for their football and basketball teams.

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