Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Queensgate Area

The Queensgate area has always been a center for industry and manufacturing and in the early 19th century contained many of the slaughterhouses making Cincinnati one of the largest pork producers in the country and earning the city the nickname, “Porkopolis”.

Located in Queensgate is Union Terminal. Built in 1933, the terminal once saw up to 216 trains a day. Today Union Terminal serves as the Cincinnati Museum Center as well as a train station with Amtrak service to the city.

Queensgate was also once home to the Cincinnati Reds who played at Crosley Field from 1912 to 1970. Once located at Findlay Street and Western Avenue, Crosley Field was demolished in 1972. A marker commemorating the field stands where it once was.

Once considered part of West End, the area was renamed Queensgate and industrial and commercial office parks were built in an effort to compete with office parks that were being built outside the city limits. The selling point for the area is its proximity to downtown and convenient access to rail and the freeways.

The area is also home to Queensgate Yard, which is one of the largest rail classification facilities in North America and a major rail hub in the Midwest for CSX.

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Unknown said...

This area was renovated with federal funds under the urban renewal program. It was an opportunity not in response to suburban competition.

Secondarily "everyone" knew it was to get rid of the slums. The reason "lower Price Hill" was called 8th and State was it was on the fringe of the slums.