Monday, February 6, 2012

Mill Creek Barrier Dam and Pumping Station

In 1793 General Anthony Wayne and his army called, “The Legion of the United States” arrived in Cincinnati and set up an encampment west of Fort Washington near the Ohio River and Mill Creek. The encampment was known as, “Hobson’s Choice” because of the area being considered the best choice for setting up an encampment. Here General Wayne and his army prepared for their expedition into Native American territory.

The Mill Creek Barrier Dam and Pumping Station stands where General Wayne and The Legion of the United States once set up camp. The barrier dam was built as a result of the disastrous flood of 1937. The dam was designed and built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers and construction started in 1941. Due to World War II, construction was briefly halted but by 1948 the dam was completed.

When the Ohio River reaches flood stage the barrier dam keeps the water from the river from going up the Mill Creek and flooding the city basin. The pumps are used to drain water from the creek and away from the city into the Ohio River. The Stormwater Management Utility of the Metropolitan Sewer District operates the Mill Creek Barrier Dam and Pumping Station.

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DennyG said...

I didn't know anything about the pumping station being on the site of Wayne's camp. Thanks for the continuing education.