Wednesday, March 7, 2012

General Rees E. Price Home

Rees E. Price (1795 – 1877) was the son of Evan Price, a wealthy merchant from Wales. In 1824, Price married Sarah Matson who was the daughter of Judge Matson (Matson Place is named for him). Rees Price invested in the land west of the Mill Creek Valley and built a brickyard, a sawmill, and developed the hill that is named after him. Rees and his wife Sarah had eight children. Two of the children, John and William helped develop the Mill Creek Valley and built the Price Hill Incline.

The home of General Rees E. Price was located on the northeast corner of West Eighth Street and Mt. Hope Avenue. The home was converted and used as an apartment house for a long period of time until it was eventually torn down to make room for a parking lot.

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