Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oesterlein Machine Company-Fashion Frocks, Inc. Complex

This industrial building complex is on the National Register of Historic Places and was built in 1918 for the Oesterlein Machine Company, a tool making company.  In the 1930’s Fashion Frocks, a women’s apparel company, purchased the complex.  During World War II Fashion Frocks joined the war effort and made parachutes for the military.  The buildings have been renovated and are loft apartments and the new home for the American Sign Museum.

Oesterlein Machine Company-Fashion Frocks, Inc. Complex
3301 Colerain Avenue/1326 Monmouth Avenue, Camp Washington

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Mandi Devins said...

I have a file folder that is from the Fashion Fracks, Inc. I have at lease 50 photos of design dresses, children dresses, men and boy designs with a sample of the materials with dresses, I have a letter from P)h. Meyers, President of the company with other informational sheets. Is this anything you might be interested in. (Pat Folsom - I got this folder in a box of auction item I purchased.