Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bellevue Hill Park

Bellevue Hill Park overlooks the city basin and is where the Bellevue Incline and Bellevue House was once located.  The Bellevue Incline was used to bring the city residents up to the top of the hill for a retreat from the factory pollution and crowded conditions of the city back in the day.  The Bellevue House was a popular resort with a beer garden and dance hall.  The incline was discontinued in 1926 and the Bellevue House was demolished in 1927.  The city bought the property and later turned it into a park.

The 15-acre park was built in 1955 with futuristic concrete pergolas designed by R. Carl Freund.  The pergolas were inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and served as a bandstand and outdoor dancing venue at that time.  The park also has breathtaking panoramic views of the city from the overlook named in honor of Daniel J. Ransohoff – a documentary photographer, social worker, and associate professor of community planning at the University of Cincinnati.

The park also has a playground, baseball field, and picnic areas.

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Bellevue Hill Park
2191 Ohio Avenue, CUF

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