Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Eyes

This mural was part of the Urban Walls project in 1971 put together by Carl Solway and Jack Boulton who selected 10 artists to design murals for empty walls around the downtown area. 

“The Eyes”, was created by local artist Preston McClanahan.  Painted on the side of a parking garage, the mural features the eyes of different people like Abraham Lincoln, Paul McCartney, and Vincent van Gough.  The eyes were painted on the bricked up windows of they walls using stencils that were traced on the wall and filled in by painters. 

The mural was visible from downtown and Interstate 75 up until the construction of the Enquirer building in 1992.  The mural is worn with the paint peeling but can still be found tucked away in Benham Alley just off of Elm Street.

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