Monday, August 20, 2012

St. John Protestant Church

This church was part of Cincinnati’s oldest German congregation dating back to 1814 when it started as The German Evangelical and Reformed Church.  It was a church for German immigrants in Cincinnati and included both Protestants and Catholics since there was no Catholic Church in the city at the time.  The first church building was built in 1824 on Arch Street and this red brick Gothic style building on the corner of 12th and Elm Street was constructed in 1867 and the church changed its name to the St. John Protestant Church.  With the outbreak of World War I and at the height of anti-German hysteria the church stopped holding services in German.  In 1924 the church became St. John Unitarian Church.  In 1946 the congregation left this church and moved to Clifton and in 1960 built a new church on Resor Avenue.  In 1950 the church became the home of Apostolic Bethlehem Temple Church until the congregation moved to a new facility on Hamilton Avenue.  Missing the tall steeple it once had the church now lay empty waiting for a new life.

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