Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Seventy-Foot Love Letter to the Queen

Located on the side of the Cincinnati Athletic Club building along Rusconi Place, this mural was created by artist William Schickel and commissioned by the city in 1977.  The mural is made of anodized aluminum and fluid enamel.  The curvilinear shapes of the mural were cut from 4 by 4-foot heat-treated aluminum panels painted in earth tones and scribbled with liquid enamel to represent the Queen City of the West.  The mural was elevated so that it could be seen from the skywalk.  The work not only makes use of these panels but are spaced apart to include the weathered brick wall as part of the work.

Not part of the mural but located directly below it on opposite sides of the wall are two articles from the Cincinnati Enquirer printed on metal plates.  The first article from 1903 commemorates the opening of the Cincinnati Athletic Club and the other from 1965 tells the story to how Rusconi Place got its name.

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