Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Court Street Marketplace

At one time Cincinnati had nine public markets with the Court Street Market being one of them.  The Court Street Market was built in 1864 to replace the Canal Street Market.  Court Street was widened and the wooden building for the market was built in the center of the street between Vine and Walnut.  Beneath the market building was a tunnel lined with stone that was used to run hogs to the slaughterhouses and during the court house riots of 1884 residents of the city used the tunnel to hide from the violence on the street above.  The market was closed in 1912 due to unsanitary conditions and the building was demolished in 1914.

There are now parking spaces where the market building once stood and a variety of restaurants and shops can be found as well as a farmer's market during the summer.  Some of Cincinnati's popular restaurants can be found here as well as Avril-Bleh & Sons who have been in business in Cincinnati since 1894.


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