Sunday, September 30, 2012

Philippus United Church of Christ

The congregation of Philippus Kirche formed in 1890 from members of St. Mattheus Church.  This Gothic Revival church designed by Anthony Kunz was completed in 1891.  This church has recessed arched windows on the outside with beautiful stained glass on the inside as well as an organ that was donated by the family of Christian Moerlein, a member of the congregation.  The most unique feature of the church is the gilded hand with an index finger pointing to heaven.  In 1968, a soldier’s helmet was placed on top of the cross above the entrance to the church to honor the members of the congregation who had served the country in time of war.

The church performed all services in German until 1921 when English-speaking services were introduced.  In 1933 the church became Philippus Evangelical and Reformed Church.  In 1957, the church became Philippus United Church of Christ.  German services were performed up until the 1980’s but there are special Christmas services in German today.    

Philippus United Church of Christ
106 West McMicken Avenue, Over-The-Rhine

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Gassyknoll said...

Someone pointed out the helmet to me this summer. A very nice touch.