Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Raymond Thunder-Sky Legacy Mural

Raymond Thunder-Sky was a local artist who could be seen walking around town dressed in a clown collar or suit wearing a hardhat and carrying a toolbox filled with art supplies.  He had an interest in construction and demolition sites and could be found at various sites in Cincinnati drawing these sites.  These colorful drawings often included Raymond’s own vision of what would become of these sites from amusement parks to clown costume factories.  Raymond passed away in 2004 but his legacy lives on with his works displayed at Thunder-Sky, Inc. in Northside – a gallery made in his honor.  Raymond Thunder-Sky created over 2,000 drawings and his work has been displayed in galleries and museums all over the world.

This ArtWorks mural was created in 2009 as a tribute to Thunder-Sky and was created in the same style as Raymond’s own work.

The Raymond Thunder-Sky Legacy Mural
3841 Spring Grove Avenue, Northside


Gassyknoll said...

Have you seen the documentary they made about him? Interesting stuff.

grif said...

I have not but I want to. Looks really interesting.