Sunday, February 3, 2013

YWCA Building

Also known as the Walnut Towers, this building was built in 1929 and designed by architects Rendings, Panzer, & Martin.  This 13-story neo-gothic building has been the home of the Cincinnati YWCA since it’s completion.  It not only served as the recreational facilities for the YWCA but it also contained lodging for 300 women.  The building was renovated in 1984 by GBBN Architects and the upper floors were converted into 104 apartments.  It still serves as the headquarters, meeting place as well as a recreational facility for the YWCA with a fitness center, basketball court, and indoor pool.  The Women's Art Gallery is also located here.  It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Cincinnati YWCA was founded in 1868 and was the fifth association in the United States.  The YWCA mission is to address the needs of women in the area through a variety of causes from employment to housing and is a champion of eliminating abuse toward women.

YWCA Building
898 Walnut Street, Downtown

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