Sunday, March 3, 2013

Walnut Hills High School

Established in 1895, Walnut Hills High School became the 3rd public high school in the city.  The school was originally located on the corner of Ashland and Burdett Avenues and still stands today.  In 1918 the school became a college preparatory school.  The school serves grades 7 through 12 and students are selected to attend based on passing a special college preparatory examination.  In 1931 the school moved to its present location on Victory Parkway.  Designed by Frederick W. Garber, the school features a library, which was designed after Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and the University of Virginia library.  In 1999 a new arts and science center opened on the campus and in 2006 an all weather football and soccer field was constructed.  Beginning in 2010, construction began on an art music building and athletic complex as well as a variety of buildings for classrooms.

The school also has a variety of athletics programs and fine arts programs.  The high school has many notable alumni and is recognized as one of the best high schools in the country.

3250 Victory Parkway, Walnut Hills

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