Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lafayette Brewery

This brewery got its start when Friedrich Billiod left Peter Jonte Brewery and partnered with Thomas Billiod in 1835.  In 1847, the brewery burned to the ground but Friederich rebuilt it much larger and better.  In 1862, Friederich passes away and his wife Margaretha operates the brewery until it is sold to William Fey.  In 1869 the brewery is sold to Alexis Darusmont.  He operates the brewery until his death in 1873 and his wife Margaret takes over operations until the brewery closed in 1878.  Albert Schwill & Company, a leading producer of malt purchased the brewery in 1882.

It is interesting to note that Friederich’s bookkeeper was Heinrich Roedter, the Captain of the German Volunteer Military Company, “The Lafayette Guards”.  It is said that the military company named itself after the brewery.  Roedter later became the editor of the German newspaper, “Volksblatt”.

The Lafayette Brewery building still stands at 24 West McMicken. 

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Stewart Fey said...

If anyone has any pictures related to this brewery I would love to have a copy of them! (William Fey is my Great x3 Grandfather). You can rely to this message to contact me.