Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jackson Brewery

Jackson Brewery Building location on West McMicken Avenue

The history of brewing at this location can be traced back to 1829 when a German man named Schmeltzer starts the Andrew Jackson Brewery.  It is the oldest recorded site for commercial brewing in Cincinnati.  The brewery was sold to the Kleiner brothers in 1832 and is named The Jackson Brewery.  In 1873 George Weber takes over the brewery and in 1884 becomes the George Weber Brewery.  On July 4, 1887 a stray Roman candle ignites the malt house and burns the brewery to the ground.  George Weber declares bankruptcy and sells the brewery.  What remains is sold and once again becomes the Jackson Brewing Company.  It operates under this name until Prohibition sets in.  After Prohibition the brewery is purchased by the Squibb-Pattison Breweries out of Detroit.  Unable to become profitable, it is sold in 1934 and once again becomes The Jackson Brewing Company operating under this name until it closes in 1942.

The Jackson Brewery Building (aka Metal Blast) located on Mohawk Street

The main brewing facility is known as the Metal Blast building from the company that once occupied it.  The facility was recently purchased by a group called Grayscale Cincinnati and plans to turn the old brewery into a theater for live performances, a music venue as well as space for a craft brewery, winery, or distillery complete with a tasting room.


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Shoretel Reseller said...

It'll be better with your plans.

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HeatherRose said...

Hi Grif, My Grandfather did a large pastel drawing of the Gibson Wine sign and surrounding buildings which I have gathered was just in front of the Metal Blast building. It could be dated by the Famous Pheasant sign that looks like it was painted over the Jackson Brewery sign. I think it was done between late 40s and late 50s. He did other on-location Cincinnatti drawings and I'd love some help identifying the exact locations. Is this something you would be interested in helping me with or know someone who would have fun with this?