Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stops on the Queen City Tour

1. Fountain Square and the Tyler Davidson Fountain
2. Metrobot (R.I.P.)
Addition: John F. Kennedy Plaque
3. Potter Stewart United States Courthouse
4. Two Rectangles Vertical Gyratory II, Variation IV
5. Chiquita Center
6. Cincinnati Masonic Center
7. The Proctor and Gamble Company
Addition: Gateway Sculpture
8. Taft Museum
9. Lytle Park
10. Statue of Abraham Lincoln
Addition: Ft. Washington Monument
11. Fourth Street
12. Literary Club of Cincinnati
13. Guilford School
14. Western-Southern Financial Group
15 University Club
Addition: Queen City Square
16. Queen City Club
17. Christ Church Episcopal
Addition: Federal Reserve Bank
18. Cincinnati Gas & Electric
19. 19th Century Commercial Buildings
20. Dixie Terminal
Addition: Mercantile Library
21. Bartlett Building
21a. Fourth National Bank Building
21b. Fourth & Walnut Center
21c. Tri-State Building
22. ACI Building
23. PNC Tower
24. The former Gidding Store
Addition: The McAlpin
25. Tower Place
Addition: Paul Brown Stadium
26. Cinergy Field (R.I.P.)
Addition: National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
Addition: Scripps Center
Addition: Great American Ball Park
Addition: US Bank Arena
Addition: Showboat Majestic
27. John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge
28. Covington Riverfront Development District
Addition: Roebling Murals
Addition: The Ascent
29. Northern Bank of Kentucky
30. Cincinnati Service Center of the United States Internal Revenue Service
31. Clay Wade Bailey Bridge and the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Bridge
Addition: Devou Park
32. Goebel Park
33. MainStrasse Village
34. Mother of God Roman Catholic Church
35. Firehouse No. 1
36. Cathedral Basilica
Addition: The Carnegie Center
Addition: Kenton County Public Library
37. Madison Avenue Business District
38. Odd Fellows Hall
Addition: Lincoln Grant School
Addition: Greenup Street
39. The Ohio Riverside Historic District
40. Shinkle Row
41. Lovell-Graziani House
42. Laidley House
43. Carneal House
44. Fallis-Lovell House
45. Riverside Drive
46. George Rogers Clark Park
47. 124 Garrard Street
48. Ranson House
49. Shinkle House
Addition: Daniel Carter Beard Boyhood Home
50. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
51. Campbell County Court House
52. Lawyer’s Building
53. Campbell Towers (R.I.P.)
Addition: World Peace Bell
Addition: Stained Glass Theatre
54. York Street Historic District
55. Monmouth Street Historic District
56. East Row Historic District
57. General James Taylor House
58. L&N Bridge
59. Posey Flats (R.I.P.)
Addition: Newport on the Levee
Addition: Newport Aquarium
60. Southgate House
61. Taylor-Southgate Bridge
62. The Bicentennial Commons at Sawyer Point
Addition: Daniel Carter Beard Bridge
Addition: Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park
63. Eden Park
64. Pump Station
Addition: Mirror Lake and the Eden Park Gazebo
65. Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory
66. Melan Arch Bridge
67. Twin Lakes Overlook
68. Vietnam Veterans Memorial
69. Water Tower
70. Murray Seasongood Pavilion
71. Cincinnati Art Museum
72. Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
73. Pilgrim Presbyterian Church
74. Ida Street Bridge
Addition: Holy Cross-Immaculata Church
Addition: Mt. Adams Business District
Addition: The Monestary
75. Rookwood Pottery
Addition: Highland Towers
76. 800 Broadway Building
Addition: Krippendorf-Dittman Building
Addition: St. Xavier Church
77. Gwynne Building
78. Stanley J. Aronoff Center for the Arts
Addition: Contemporary Arts Center
Addition: “Additional” by Julian Stanczak
Addition: Cincinnati Enquirer Building
79. Cincinnatian Hotel
Addition: John Shillito Company Building
Addition: Cincinnati Athletic Club
80. Cincinnati Bell Telephone Building
81. Covenant First Presbyterian Church
82. William Henry Harrison Monument
83. The Gramercy and The Greenwich
Addition: Doctor’s Building
Addition: James A. Garfield Statue
Addition: St. Louis Church
Addition: Underwriters Salvage Corps
Addition: Cincinnati Public Library
Addition: Cuvier Press Club Building
84. Crosley Square
85. Central Parkway
Addition: The School for Creative & Performing Arts
Addition: Alkemeyer Commercial Buildings
Addition: Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati
Addition: Gateway Quarter
Addition: ArtWorks
Addition: Know Theatre
Addition: Art Academy of Cincinnati
Addition: Germania Building
Addition: Emery Theatre
Addition: Main Street
Addition: Hamilton County Courthouse
Addition: St. Paul’s Church
Addition: Gateway Bell Tower
86. Young Men’s Christian Association Building
87. Hamilton County Memorial Building
88. Washington Park
89. Music Hall
Addition: Findlay Market
Addition: Over The Rhine Brewery District
Addition: Cincinnati Police Memorial
90. Laurel Homes
90a. Lincoln Court (R.I.P.)
Addition: Dayton Street
Addition: Hauck House Museum
Addition: Mayor George Hatch House
91. Cincinnati Job Corps Center
92. The Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
93. St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church and School
94. Chestnut Street Jewish Cemetery
95. Betts House
96. Crosley Telecommunications Center
97. Cincinnati Fire Museum
98. Lloyd Library
99. Cincinnati City Hall
100. Plum Street Temple
101. St. Peter in Chains Cathedral
Addition: Greater Cincinnati Firefighters Memorial Park
102. Dr. Albert B. Sabin Cincinnati Convention Center
103. Carew Tower